After working as a Catalog Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago and as a Metadata Librarian at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, I was ready for a new challenge. Since June 2018 I’ve worked for OCLC as one of the editors of the Dewey Decimal Classification. You can read more about my job at a post I wrote on the Dewey blog, FAQs of a New Dewey Editor.

My goal is to create a community of people who care about the ethics of classification and cataloging.

logo of the Cataloging Lab.One of the ways I’ve worked towards that goal is the creation of the Cataloging Lab, launched in January 2018. Based on a project devised with fellow catalogers Jessica Schomberg, Catherine Oliver, and Netanel Ganin, the Cataloging Lab is a wiki designed to promote cooperation in proposing revisions and additions to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Non-catalogers and catalogers can work together to do the research required to submit proposals to LC. Read more about the project in my Library Journal article “Creating Change in the Cataloging Lab” or watch the recording of the June 2018 Carterette Series Webinar on “Experimenting with Controlled Vocabulary: Using the Cataloging Lab to Shape LCSH“.

In March I was named one of Library Journal‘s 2019 Movers & Shakers; read that story here.

magazine spread of story reading "Violet Fox, Inclusive Cataloger" (available at the link) and a photo of Violet wearing a "no metadata, no future" sweatshirt
click to read the March 2019 Library Journal article


scholarly publications:

  • “My Zine Life is My Private Life”: Reframing Authority Control from Detective Work to an Ethic of Care (co-written with Kelly Swickard). Chapter in: Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control, Library Juice Press, 2019
  • Authority Work as Outreach (co-written with Tina Gross). Chapter in: Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control, Library Juice Press, 2019


  • Harm Reduction in Library Classification, IDEAL Conference, August 2019
  • Cataloging the Living (presentation with Joshua Barton), ALA Annual Conference, June 2019
  • The Cataloging Lab: Your Invitation to the Super Secret Process of Changing Library Classification, ABQLA (Association des bibliothécaires du Québec / Quebec Library Association) Conference, May 2019
  • Creating a Collaborative Approach to Classification: Moving Beyond “This System Sucks”, Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in LIS, November 2018
  • Experiments in Controlled Vocabulary Improvement: How You Can Effect Change in Library Catalogs, New Librarian Summit, August 2018
  • The Cataloging Lab: Encouraging Collaboration for a More Effective & Inclusive LCSH Proposal Process, ALA Annual Conference, June 2018
  • Catalogers’ Insights on Critical Information Literacy Strategies (presentation with Naomi Skulan), Minnesota Library Association Academic & Research Libraries Division Day, April 2018
  • The Gestalt of Authority Work: Making Sense of Identity Management, ALA Midwinter, February 2018
  • Never Forget Who You Really Work For: Radical Cataloging and the Case for Local Adaptation (panel presentation with Tina Gross, Hannah Buckland, and Jessica Schomberg), Minnesota Library Association conference, October 2017
  • Mavericks!: How Embracing Your Inner Nonconformist Makes Our Catalogs Better (presentation with Catherine Oliver and Stephen Nonte), Lake Superior Libraries Symposium, June 2017
  • Behind the Curtain: Demystifying the Subject Approval Process (workshop with Catherine Oliver, Jessica Schomberg, and Netanel Ganin), ACRL conference, March 2017
  • What Exactly is an “Action-Adventure” Game, Anyway?: Providing Intelligent Access to Video Games (presentation with Jin Ha Lee et al.), ALA Midwinter, January 2013
  • Everyday Cataloger Concerns: Focus on Education (presentation with Allyson Carlyle, Rachel Ivy Clarke, Paul J. Weiss), ALA Midwinter, January 2013

professional leadership: