Social justice is an underlying principle in much of the work I do.

logo for critlib website, featuring the tagline "critical librarianship, in real life and on the twitters".I’m one of the administrative team members of the #critlib Twitter chats; I also built and maintain Critical librarianship is dedicated to bringing social justice principles into library work, and the Twitter chats and conferences are designed to build a community of library workers who feel empowered to make changes that reflect the responsibilities that libraries have to fight racism, ableism, sexism, cisgenderism, classism, and other discrimination.


  • Understanding Our Past, Reframing Our Present: the History of Racism in Minnesota Libraries (presentation with with Heidi Anderson-Ferdinand, Melissa Prescott, Emilie Hanson), Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, October 2018
  • #critlib: Critical Librarianship For Fun and Profit (poster session), Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, October 2017
  • How Libraries Challenge Socio-Economic Injustice (presentation with Kelly Kraemer), College of Saint Benedict MLK Jr. Day teach-in, January 2016

professional leadership: